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the Society



Let's face it. 

Life can be a real challenge for "a short-short man." Especially in today's social climate.


Men & women alike are always short-changing us. How many of us are totally sick and tired of 'Smilin Bob's' face?! Do we really need that many emails clogging up our In-box about male enhancement and improved performance?

Hey, like only big guys can relate to fast cars on the track. A lot of race car sponsors seem to think so. And how come you never see smiling, satisfied women portrayed on the TV commercials with guys like us? 

Isn't anybody
looking out for the little guy any more?


So that got us to thinking. All these challenges men like us face provided the impetus for the formation of the Small Penis Society. 


It would be a society for camaraderie amongst us men, and encouragement & support for the friends and loved ones who stand behind us.

Today, almost a decade later, we still adhere to the ideal that,

"good things come in small packages"

SpS Members


 The Small Penis Society
is fortunate to have the support of the Bravell Ltd. Foundation and our wonderful community. You can do your part to help our community membership grow.

There are many ways you can help. Whether volunteering, participating in a fund raising event, or just spreading the word; to grow the membership and adhere to the ideal that:
”good things come in small packages”

More than just a motto, it's a fact of life!
Anonymously, Nominate yourself, a friend, Lover or a co-worker for Membership in
The Small Penis Society. 

The Sps Mission


The SpS mission is to boldly proclaim and acknowledge to the world that although we may be small members we've still got balls. 


To leave a lasting legacy, through serving our communities; by promoting, sponsoring & performing in worthwhile organized activities charities and events. 

Our organization has been serving our members for over a decade. We do not discriminate. The SpS serves people of all races, creeds, religions and professions. 

Our volunteer base is growing at a steady pace. With this new growth, we have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our members.

You can do your part to help the community 
and identify men worthy of this award !! 


Dennis Slater

 "When I lost my job, I had no idea how I was going too take care of my family. I was desperate. The SpS helped us get on our feet again. They were understanding and very compassionate. They didn't merely give me membership; they gave me something far more important. They gave me a chance to help myself. They assisted me through job interviews, made sure that my children were well fed, and gave me the skills I needed to get back on my feet. I am now employed, and volunteer for SpS Cares on the weekends. I love helping families in need. It feels good to be able to give back to the community after they have done so much to help my family." 

Dave & Rob

 "We feel so fortunate to live in Indiana together. 

The community, guided by SpS, helped us rebuild our home after it was destroyed by a Gerbil fire disaster. We were given shelter and lots of moral support. We were moved to tears when all of the wonderful big construction workers showed up to rebuild our home. We will definitely be forever grateful to SpS. We are now dedicated volunteers." 

The Jur family

 Due to an unexpected illness in our family, we incurred debilitating medical expenses, found it difficult to cook meals, and were in jeopardy of losing my penis and our home. 

SpS stepped up and helped us through a very difficult time. Our neighbors brought us food and emotional support everyday. We are now healthy and looking forward to a bright future. Thanks SpS!  

Whats your story?

Have questions, we have answers. 



Become a SpS member,
receive your Wood Framed Membership Certificate, and join in on the conversation so everybody benefits.

Join the SpS

We are always looking for new members


 Nominate a recipient for the coveted
Certificate of Outstanding Achievement
or the National Merit Award. 

Our doors are always open


Please join us for our weekly community prayer breakfast.

The Small Penis Society Cares


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Promote yourself


 He'll want to display it with pride,
announcing to the world that he is a
member in the Small Penis Society.  

Anonymously Nominate a friend


 Please, do your part to help the community to identify men worthy of this award !! 

Your Help & Support is greatly appreciated


 Wherever there is a need or injustice, SpS Cares and will offer its resources regardless of economic status or affiliations. 

Become a supporting SpS Member

Members receive a beautiful
Certificate of Outstanding Achievement

Frame is 100% solid wood with glass and a Blue Ribbon with Gold Star are attached to display with pride, and announce to world that they are a qualified life member in the Small Penis Society

 Please, do your part to help the community and identify men worthy of this award !!

Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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